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Welcome to my website!! We will cover a lot of information about Transportation and some of the different ways to get around in the world today.

Many people prefer to use vehicles to move around their state or cross country. At least for me, I prefer to move around using my RV. I just love the feeling of moving around with my RV and with my family. There is no doubt that moving in an RV it feels like moving around with your own home.


But besides the cars and the RVs, I just love to watch the trains. Thanks to this amazing creation, America is what it is today. Thanks to trains the US started moving more and more products around the US faster and that helped with the economy.

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Event Transportation Management Guide

Putting on an event often requires treating many types of providers of various trades. The display units, equipment, and goods necessary for the operation of your event may require special management transport event because of their size, shape and value.

In addition, some or all of these elements may need to be stored on their delivery trucks, depending on how they might be affected by weather, or lack of other spaces storage. Ideally, there are companies that offer specialized services and assured delivery of fragile, sensitive or valuable.

However, these types of transport systems are usually more expensive, because of the risk of liability and effort involved in their delivery success.

A special tool that could be useful for your event transportation needs is the GPS vehicle tracking system. It can provide real-time vehicle tracking and fleet management, both with mapping and reporting.

Vehicle tracking reports include valuable information, including vehicle speed and topics. A GPS tracking system can locate a vehicle from any computer or device with Internet access, anytime, anywhere. Such a tool can prevent your business from transport assessment unjustified costs, and provide you the peace of mind that comes from the ability to monitor passenger transport customers and property.

To own such devices would easily cost you $ 300- $ 600 per unit, plus $ 35- $ 60 per month for the service. Also, you might be forced to a contract of 6 months or more. Despite this, it might be well worth it for the peace of mind of such a service can offer.

Airport Shuttle Transport

Do you need to turn to external providers to meet the changing demands? Assess your transportation needs and determine who really needs a ride. Determine how often you need your shuttle service to function. Find out if the hotel can adjust their shuttle service to accommodate you. Between the hotel courtesy shuttle, national channels at competitive prices, and local shuttle services, you should be covered.

Hotel Transportation

If you have a sudden increase or decrease in the participation or involvement, open communication with hotels and suppliers could prevent you from wasting more money on shuttle as needed, or save yourself the embarrassment service for your customers inadequate.

Transportation Group

transport group can get real tricky and time with permits and large crowds. Be sure to finalize all your arrangements in advance, and keep copies of your practices enabled, so your participants do not hit speed bumps in the road of your event.

If you need to transport your guests around the city, have fun and be creative. Find unique transportation options in your area. For example, in England, a double-decker bus, the Bahamas, a glass bottom boat.

Carting your guests by horse and carriage the place to dine, or a 15 minute walk by boat to a lively night spot, maybe fun ways for your customers to relax before a long day meetings.

transport companies

experienced and professional companies broke down management transportion into five basic components:

1) needs analysis

2) technical planning

3) shipping

4) execution

5) position of operations

If you use one of the many turnkey businesses there, then it is a module of your project, you will not need to worry. They will probably even include a meet and greet party with refreshments.

If the project is your baby, do not worry. Be it a car, van or bus service, you deal, the rental companies have staff to help with reservations and transportation needs.

Ground Transportation

Airports offer vast network of taxis, car rental, shuttle bus, trains, vans and limousines. All these solutions can provide safe transportation, courteous and efficient for passengers and freight. In addition, there are wheelchair accessible transportation options to and from local public institutions.

Although the airport ground transportation officials may not be able to recommend specific services to you, they are there to provide you with transportation options, and get in touch with them.

They can also inform you when your turn came. This integrated support system will ease the burden of analysis and a little planning, and prevent a lot of headaches.

Event Transportation problems

Although it may be impossible to predict all the results of your operation, there are some common things that could go wrong. These could be service delays, overpricing, condition of vehicle complaints and complaints about non-compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Provide your guests with maps, names and telephone numbers of staff to help can help to minimize these events, and to ensure the smooth running of things. Remember to check your flight arrival times, as they are subject to change, and be sure your ground transportation are on time and clearly visible, so your participants can easily identify.

Private Transportation

When you need to transport your staff and from locations, sometimes hourly hotel shuttles are insufficient. The sooner you contact transportation providers, the better they can help you meet your needs. Plan ahead to ensure the highest availability, and remember to stay within your budget.

Limo Transportation

Will there be limos at your event? If so, you’ll need to determine how much you will need to provide, and how come your VIP their own. Make sure that your limousines arrive impeccable and on time, and have the cell phone numbers of your drivers at hand. Consider how you should be with ostentatious limousines. If the company has just undergone a major downsizing, it would be prudent to park limousines out of sight.

Executive Transportation

To meet senior managers and provide them with comfortable and reliable transportation, you must first identify their needs: how they travel, where and when, etc. will they get jet lagged or suppressants? Will they be looking for entertainment? Videoconferencing is available if needed?

Appetizers and cocktails or other suitable caterer should be on time and in place prior to their arrival. When developing your budget, try to anticipate your special equipment managers will expect. This will help ensure they arrive in a good mood and can strike running the floor.

management event transport requires planning and careful preparation in advance. It also requires constant periodic updating to keep up with the evolutionary changes. Good record keeping is a must

Here’s a tip that could save you thousands.

Organize a central meeting point for participants, perhaps in an airport hotel. Provide a small reception while you wait for the arrival of other participants and carry everyone in a coach hired simultaneously. This is a prudent tactic for any transport manager.

This is an envelope!

The evolution of transport

People and things have always needed to move or be moved from one place to another. People have always sought the most comfortable means of travel or faster. Transportation is a way people and things move from one place to another. Different environments require different means of transport.

machinery People have invented, called vehicle or craft, to travel. Some vehicles moving on the ground, like a train. Some vehicles move over the water like a jet ski. Some even help people to travel underwater like a submarine. People use other types of professions to travel in the air. A hot air balloon is an interesting way to travel across the sky.

crafts such as rockets can help people to travel into space. Over the centuries, the inventors designed machinery or improved ways to travel to move people faster and faster.


One of the first ways to transport people and things was traveling in water. The boats are small trades typically used for specific purposes, such as fishing. Ships are major businesses that could use sails or a motor to propel them into the water. They can travel on rivers, lakes or oceans.

Boat With Oars

People use wooden boards called flat pallet line of small boats. An oar is another name for a paddle. A raft is a simple boat with a flat bottom. We can make a raft with tree trunks or logs. Sometimes flat pieces of wood called planks are bonded together to make a raft. Rafts are made of rubber or vinyl plastic called. These rafts are often inflatable.

The first Indians made canoes in tree trunks. They dig the trunk and use a paddle to move from one place to another. Today, an artificial substance made by man, called fiberglass is a popular material for building a canoe.

A kayak is a smoother version of a canoe with one or two small holes. The holes are where people sit. A rider can attach a waterproof skin with water or enclosure to prevent water from entering the boat. The boat can run all the way without falling. Some people participate in kayak racing. The Olympics were a kayaking event since 1936.

Sailboats or Motors

Other boats and ships use different types of power. A sailboat uses pieces of canvas or other tissues called sails, which are filled by the wind fills and pushes the boat forward.

The ancient Egyptians used boats to move the stones to the great pyramids of Giza to Aswan. Pilgrims traveled from England on a tall ship called the Mayflower to reach America in 1620.

A motorboat uses an electric motor and propeller. Propellers turn metal blades that help the ship to move in the water. A speedboat is a small, but very fast motorboat. Speedboats pull water skiers, help the Coast Guard or marine patrol on rescue missions, or may even participate in a race.

Larger boats and ships

Most large vessels are made of metals such as iron or steel. They use giant propellers powered by motors to move in water. A steamer is a great boat with paddles. A steam engine rotates the paddles to move the boat.

The larger ships are tankers and aircraft carriers. Tankers can carry millions of barrels of oil in huge cargo areas. The designers built tankers to travel long distances and other than oil, they can carry water, chemicals or liquefied natural gas.

aircraft carriers are long warships dishes designed to act as a floating air base. Aircraft take off and land on the slopes on top of the ship.

A submarine is a metal vessel that can travel underwater. A submarine can be small enough to carry one or two people and stay under water for a few hours. They can also be very large, has a crew of over eighty people and stay under water for several months.


A train is a vehicle that runs on tracks or rails. Passenger trains can have many compartments for people to move from one place to another. Freight trains carrying goods or things. Different cars carry different types of elements.

food transport refrigerator cars. Container cars need a crane to lift cargo into or out of the car. tank cars carry different types of liquids.

Light Rail

People sometimes use the long-term light rail to talk about trains that run through the streets of the city. Cart, also called a tram is a light rail transport type. The first trams were pulled by horses or even people. Modern trams usually get their power of electricity. Electricity makes things work.

A metro is a light rail system on rail cars. A subway runs on the streets and in underground tunnels. Many large cities have an underground network of tunnels.

Big Trains

Big wheels trains running on the tracks. They travel long distances between towns and cities. The first car of a train locomotive. locomotive power train. The first trains used fumes engines. Today, most trains are getting the power to use gasoline or electricity. Railway trains at high speed electric trains that run faster than a regular train, sometimes called a bullet train. These high-speed rail systems also carry people in Germany, Korea and Spain. The first countries to build and use the bullet train are the countries of France and Japan.

The monorail is another type of train. Most monorail systems run on a single rail. Some are suspended monorails. Train cars actually hang of the track.

Motor Vehicles

People are driving and passenger motor vehicles in most parts of the world. Motor vehicles have wheels and a motor. They can be conducted over many different land surfaces. Cars, buses and trucks allow people and things to get to certain places. They can travel where boats and trains can not go.


The cars are vehicles used by people to get from one place to another. Combustion engines are often the source of energy for cars. This type of engine burns gasoline or diesel fuel to run. Some people worry that the combustion engines contribute to pollution in the air.

The inventors are developing other types of power systems to run cars. Electric cars have electric motors that run on batteries. Some cars use hydrogen to power. A hybrid car uses an engine power and combustion battery to power the car.

Cars vary in size. A limousine is a long drive, which has space for many passengers and a driver to drive the vehicle. A micro-car, also called a bubble car, is very popular in countries outside the United States. Car manufacturers have the microcar designed to use less gas. It is also economical because a small amount of material is required to build the car.

Some people like driving a sports car. The fastest cars are race cars. Some cars have special features, such as convertible with a fabric or hard top that folds back.


The buses are bigger than cars. A bus has a long body with several rows of seats or benches for passengers. The buses usually operate on a calendar. A passenger bus may transport people over long distances. They move between different cities and villages. A tour bus carrying tourists or people on vacation. Some people charter or rent a bus for special purposes.



car engineers designed to transport materials of all kinds. The vans are a little larger than cars. They have a flat bed to the rear of the passenger compartment. They can carry a lot of things in the flat bed. Large trucks carrying different types of materials or heavy equipment. They carry things in places where trains and boats can not travel. An 18-wheeler is a very large truck. It has 18 separate wheels.


Hot Air Balloons, dirigibles and airships

The planes are vehicles or machines that allow people to travel through the air. The first type of air transport was the hot air balloon. It is the oldest successful human charging technology for flight. It floats using a large silk or nylon bag filled with heated air. People move in a wicker basket, called a gondola dangling below.

An airship or dirigible is like a balloon. The helium gas filling the balloon to help him float. It has an engine to push forward. This type of machine was very popular before 1940.

As technology for improved aircraft, people stopped using airships to travel. Today, advertisers use airships to market their products. Some companies offer guided tours in an airship.

airplanes, gliders, helicopters

An airplane is an aircraft that flies using wings and an engine. The Wright brothers receive a credit for the invention of the first aircraft in 1903. The planes may be small and only carry one or two people. commercial aircraft can be significant and carry many passengers long distances in a short time. A motor makes the propellers rotate. Most of the largest aircraft jet engines. This type of engine has many blades rotate inside. They move air much faster than ordinary propellers.

Jet aircraft use turbines to make them move faster. The army uses supersonic aircraft, as fighters or bombers to move quickly with a lot of energy. A fighter aircraft is a small military plane that can go very fast. The Concorde is one of the only supersonic aircraft used as a commercial aircraft. It was carrying passengers from Europe to America, and less than half the time it took for regular aircraft to fly the same distance. The Concorde was very expensive to fly. Due to rising costs, the Concorde was retired from use. The last Concorde flight was on October 24, 2003.

A helicopter is an aircraft with a large propeller on top. It can go up in the air, or take off, upwards. A helicopter can take off without using a track.

A glider has a shape similar to a plane. It uses only the wind for power. The military can use gliders to deliver troops. Gliders are very quiet because they do not have a motor. Some people involved in glider competitions.


A rocket is a vehicle which moves in the air at a very high speed. It burns fuel for thrust. The thrust pushes, or propels the rocket upward. A rocket engine ejects the pushing out of the bottom of the rocket. A lot of energy is needed to propel a rocket into space. Energy is needed to make things happen. Astronauts and cosmonauts are people who travel in space rockets for help. Rockets also transport satellites into orbit destination. Satellites studying Earth and other objects in the universe.

Rocket Design and Travel

sections or multiple steps are the design of most rockets. Each stage contains its power engine and clean fuel rocket.

When its fuel is used, a rocket is released. This lightens the weight of the rocket. It allows him to travel faster. A rocket needs to travel at least 17,700 miles per hour (28,500 kilometers) to get him out of the atmosphere into space, which is the so-called “escape velocity.” The part of the rocket that actually reaches the space is often called a spacecraft.

booster rockets

Some rockets get an extra boost of booster rockets. Scientists generally agree the boosters on the side of the main rocket. The space shuttle is both a rocket and aircraft. It releases two booster rockets. As the rocket uses its fuel, it will also release an external fuel tank. Space shuttle lands like an airplane when he returns to Earth

Some key dates on the calendar Transportation Development :.

  • 1662 – Blaise Pascal invented a horse drawn public bus
  • .

  • 1783 – Joseph Montgolfier and Étienne Montgolfier launched the first hot air balloons
  • .

  • 1814 – George Stephenson built the first practical steam powered railway locomotive
  • .

  • 1900 – Ferdinand von Zeppelin built the first successful airship


Transport Solutions

solid transport solutions are among the key elements of nearly all successful businesses that either or distribute products of one sort or the other. Even the import / export companies rely heavily on transportation solutions to help them deliver their products on time. With the appropriate logistics and reliable transport quotes, find a good commercial transportation provider is crucial for the proper functioning of your business. In fact, without good transportation provider you might find yourself trying to put out more fires due to late deliveries, damaged goods or shipments even lost you spend running your business.

There are a number of transport solutions which provide excellent options for companies. In fact, depending on the type of shipping needs you have, the amount of goods you’ll transport, the frequency with which you will send expeditions, the approximate weight of each shipment and the distance you need to send , determine the best commercial transport solution for your needs.

trucks and trains

If your business is based on land and you need to serve customers that are easily accessible by land routes, then your cost-effective transport solutions most would either ship your goods by truck or train. Depending on where you want your expedition you will find that the trucks are a cost effective, but could take more time than you want. However, trains, although slightly more expensive than the trucks are still fast and still much more affordable than other options. Keep in mind that neither trucks nor trains will be able to goods overnight to you unless you send them to a neighboring town – and even then you can plan at least a 48-hour turn around



Air transport is by far the fastest solution you can find for your business needs. Like most airline is charged by weight, it is generally used for documents, small packages, fragile items and valuables. Air cargo can often send shipments from one place to another during the night or in the week for long distances. Air cargo is however very expensive compared to terrestrial shipping forms.


Sea freight is another commonly used form of commercial transport. It carries the largest percentage of shipping products around the world every day as it is both timely and profitable. However, sea freight will never be able to get any package or shipment to its destination quickly. On average, it takes between two to six weeks for shipments sent by sea to reach their destination.


bike transport is a fixture in the urban landscape. It is not uncommon for itinerant bike messengers fleets of city delivery of letters, documents and small parcels to individuals and businesses. It is a convenient and efficient to do business.

As you can see find transportation solutions is easier than it may seem at first. If you need a transportation and logistics provider for your business, it is best to either get referrals from friends and colleagues or do an online search for businesses in your area – and always remember to obtain shipping quotes from all companies on your short list before choosing a transportation provider.

Transportation of goods

One method of transporting goods is the transportation of goods using sea transport. Usually, these methods are used to deliver goods between continents, while other methods are prohibitive or where the shipment volume is large enough to justify shipping.

Compared with other modes of transport, shipping is the cheapest. At the same time, shipping is generally slower and requires extra time for loading and unloading of goods in the ports of Ukraine.

While each particular order requires a separate calculation of the cost of delivery, but in most cases it is shipping that is most profitable. Unlike other modes of transport, the price of shipping generally includes costs for the loading and unloading of goods at the port.

The maritime container transport uses both standard containers and non-standard containers. These special containers are often used for the consolidated products and oversized goods. However, for international shipping, it is very important to use a unified type of container. Such unification greatly simplifies the calculations in different countries and customs clearance procedures.

For these types of Ukraine transport ports are often used. They are generally used as sources or destinations for delivery. However, due to the fact that the specially equipped warehouses are available, the ports can also be used for temporary storage of goods, if necessary.

Maritime transport can be used as part of multimode transport. In this case, several different modes of delivery are used. For example, motor transport can be combined with shipping. This multimode delivery goes well with consolidated cargo, although it can be used for any other type of transport. The main task before the customer is to specify all necessary conditions for the transport of goods as soon as possible. After that, the transport company itself can choose the most appropriate delivery method.

When transportation is ordered, the company that provides such services usually responsible for the cargo insurance, control of all stages of transportation, preparation of the necessary documentation. When performed by a company, such transactions greatly simplify the delivery of goods “door to door”.

International Freight Transport

The video below shows what a freight company is. That is just an example. We are not related to the company above at all; contact us if you have any doubts. We have different partners in different niches like tow truck companies like our friends of http://www.towtruckservicenearme.info/  or http://www.bestjunkremovaltacoma.com/.

International freight transportation is one of the elements of global economic processes. Traffic is influenced by changes in the placement of industrial production centers. In these circumstances, the international container traffic is of great importance. Container traffic seems to be one of the most developing parts of business transportation . Much of the container falls on the international freight transportation . engine cargo of [19459005transportations] are organized between manufacturing companies and ports, between distribution centers and markets, between terminals and consignees. Often time the load type is decisive when choosing the transportation terms and transportation society. Container transportations are the most universal.

The containers are convenient because they can be carried by many types of transport and thereby facilitates multimodal transportations . It is easier to tranship containers than just cargo. In addition, the containers allow temporary storage of goods out of storage facilities and at the same time not in the open. Another advantage of containers is safe delivery of groupage.

Door to door transportation common cargo reduces terms of delivery and raises the security of cargo. Cargo transportation service price depends on several factors: the volume of freight, frequency of cargo sweats, transportation (motor transportation air transportation , rail transportation , shipping, intermodal or multimodal transportations – sometimes they are called mixed) and the type of cargo transportation , long distance or international local

to. first, it is necessary to decide how and in what cargo will be transported. For example moving and storage company Sem, Toronto movers in liquid food product transportation, such as wine, oil, vinegar, ethyl alcohol, liquid chocolate, molasses, beer, uses special tanks for food products, which have a well at the bottom and are marked in a special way. Before removal and storage of Sem cargo tanks, the Toronto movers prepare a necessary way. Namely, the inner surface of the tanks is treated with the products to be moved. Tanks and containers transportation food must correspond to the ISO standards. For transportation products “complex”, such as beer, special tank containers, having a device for maintaining the temperature and pressure in a dry environment, are used. For transportation liquid chocolate, fructose and other sorbites, it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature and transport products very quickly, otherwise they will they lose properties .

To transportation of chemicals, such as liquefied gas, ethyl fluid, yellow phosphorus, acids, special tanks are used. separate tanks are used for each type of product. On transportation of gas equipment for measurement of pressure (gauge) is installed. All

For free flowing products transportation special containers are under the control of Moving and storage of Sem, Toronto movers technical department. Mentioned above, which can be loaded in an ordinary manner or under pressure, are used.

There are containers transportation products which require special temperatures. These are containers-refrigerators, thermos containers, etc. Selecting the container of concrete type depends on type of product transported. Not so many companies have technical resources. Moving and storage of Sem, Toronto movers is one of those companies.

If you need to transport piece goods or cargo of the box, it is necessary to choose either universal container, or particularized container. particularized container can be charged not only by side doors, but otherwise too, and it has some distinctive features of design.

Now when we decided what kind of cargo the goods are to be transported, we will go to some elements that refer to transportation himself. First, we’ll gain an understanding of the “intermodal” terms and “multimodal” transportation

-. Intermodal transportation – Cargo transportation through one or more types of transport without reloading of the goods on the change of transportation

-. multimodal transportation – when the cargo transportation transportation change occurs. For example the first transportation is made by motor transport, and cargo is moved, for example, in aircraft for more transportation .

to choose the most optimal chain of “door-to-door” delivery, reliable transportation companies, such as moving and storage, Sem Toronto movers, have logistics department. The logistics professionals Moving Sem department movers Storage, Toronto will route, estimate delivery time and transportation costs, keep transportation progress online.

Professional transportation service employees of logistics companies, such as the move Shem and storage, moving Toronto, always follow the market transportation services in countries where the company has partners and know tariff policy of each country-partner.

My first time driving!!

google-site-verification: googlea500b1bd5d3f2fea.html
Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 5.20.01 PMShit!! I really remembered the first time I was driving on my own and my dad was super fricked out about it and even my mom was in the back seat laughing like crazy about my dad. It was one of the most funniest moment in my life. I will pay a million dollars just to live that part or moment in my life again, for real!

We would like to change the topic a little bit and tell all our young readers to not drive and text using their cellphone please!!!

In the video below, I would like to show some funny stuff on student learning how to drive and the crazy stuff that they do while they are doing their thing. I don’t know about you but I do really enjoy this type of video.

This video was a prank but it is supper funny. You’ll see what I mean once you watch it.

The guy on the passenger side it was shitting his pants for sure and he will never forget that day ever!!

Where can I learn how to drive?

This video will show you how to drive or at least it will show you the basics of how to drive around until you get the idea and then hire someone to show you how to drive. Driving it is the best feeling in life period! At least for me it is because you have the freedom to go to whatever you want and do whatever you want. It is super cool when you are driving and the day is beautiful and you really enjoy your day like no other day. At least for me, I love to pray when I’m driving and enjoying my day.
There is no other better feeling than when you are thanking God for a beautiful day and especially a sunny day.

Contact Us for any questions or if you prefer to read about something except my mother in law.

Cool Things about Cars

I was just looking around in the internet this week and I saw this video on Youtube and I wanted to share this with you and how cool the video really is. Please don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

Here is the video below:

As you can see in the video, this shows a few cars that we all dream of to have and enjoy. At least for me the best car in the video is the Lamborghini. That is my dream car!!! The car that I owned right now is a CAMRY!! LOL but I’m fricking proud of that car. First, because it was my first car ever and second because, over the last six year, I had no issues with it whatsoever!! The car is amazing and gorgeous with the 18 inch rims I bought for it.

Below you;ll see some other cool cars pictures:

images (2) images (1) images download

Some of them are just concept cars but, I wanted to show them on this article about cars. At the end of the day, that is why owing a blog is for. You could post whatever you want!! LOL

Now let me post some cool limousines and tow trucks:

images (4) images (3)

images (5) download (1)

Those are just a few that I found online and free pictures to share because I don’t want to get sued by anyone over a picture.

If you want me to write about something cool or whatever just let me know. I even write something funny about your mother in law if you don’t like her LOL. I love mine mother in law just in case. She is an amazing woman.

See ya!! Until the next article.

Best auto shows


I really like the way people build their cars from nothing to amazing!!

IT has to be a good feeling to do something like that. Me personally, I don’t like or let me write the truth! can’t afford to come up with something like that but, I do like to go to auto shows and enjoy the day with my family and friends. There is no better way to enjoy a sunny day then a car show in Washington.

A lot of my friends really like to do that and build crazy stuff with their cars and even their family cars. Around or near my house there is a guy who took his minivan (soccer man) and created something good.

I found this video on Youtube that shows what a car show and how it could be:

Auto Show

I don’t know but in that video, my favorites were the SUVs. I’m a really good fan of SUVs. I like the way they feel when you are driving and the way it makes you feel safe because if you take a hit with driving or as a passenger in one of them, it will protect you really good.

Please let me know what your favorite vehicle was on this video above and lets share ideas on what would you like to read or see in this blog later on. I like to write about things and add videos to my blog. Contact us with any questions. Maybe on my next post, I will write about Limousine and tow trucks.