Cool Things about Cars

I was just looking around in the internet this week and I saw this video on Youtube and I wanted to share this with you and how cool the video really is. Please don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

Here is the video below:

As you can see in the video, this shows a few cars that we all dream of to have and enjoy. At least for me the best car in the video is the Lamborghini. That is my dream car!!! The car that I owned right now is a CAMRY!! LOL but I’m fricking proud of that car. First, because it was my first car ever and second because, over the last six year, I had no issues with it whatsoever!! The car is amazing and gorgeous with the 18 inch rims I bought for it.

Below you;ll see some other cool cars pictures:

images (2) images (1) images download

Some of them are just concept cars but, I wanted to show them on this article about cars. At the end of the day, that is why owing a blog is for. You could post whatever you want!! LOL

Now let me post some cool limousines and tow trucks:

images (4) images (3)

images (5) download (1)

Those are just a few that I found online and free pictures to share because I don’t want to get sued by anyone over a picture.

If you want me to write about something cool or whatever just let me know. I even write something funny about your mother in law if you don’t like her LOL. I love mine mother in law just in case. She is an amazing woman.

See ya!! Until the next article.

Best auto shows


I really like the way people build their cars from nothing to amazing!!

IT has to be a good feeling to do something like that. Me personally, I don’t like or let me write the truth! can’t afford to come up with something like that but, I do like to go to auto shows and enjoy the day with my family and friends. There is no better way to enjoy a sunny day then a car show in Washington.

A lot of my friends really like to do that and build crazy stuff with their cars and even their family cars. Around or near my house there is a guy who took his minivan (soccer man) and created something good.

I found this video on Youtube that shows what a car show and how it could be:

Auto Show

I don’t know but in that video, my favorites were the SUVs. I’m a really good fan of SUVs. I like the way they feel when you are driving and the way it makes you feel safe because if you take a hit with driving or as a passenger in one of them, it will protect you really good.

Please let me know what your favorite vehicle was on this video above and lets share ideas on what would you like to read or see in this blog later on. I like to write about things and add videos to my blog. Contact us with any questions. Maybe on my next post, I will write about Limousine and tow trucks.

Welcome to our website!!

Welcome to my website!! We will cover a lot of information about Transportation and some of the different ways to get around in the world today.

Many people prefer to use vehicles to move around their state or cross country. At least for me, I prefer to move around using my RV. I just love the feeling of moving around with my RV and with my family. There is no doubt that moving in an RV it feels like moving around with your own home.


But besides the cars and the RVs, I just love to watch the trains. Thanks to this amazing creation, America is what it is today. Thanks to trains the US started moving more and more products around the US faster and that helped with the economy.

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