International Freight Transport

The video below shows what a freight company is. That is just an example. We are not related to the company above at all; contact us if you have any doubts. We have different partners in different niches like tow truck companies like our friends of  or

International freight transportation is one of the elements of global economic processes. Traffic is influenced by changes in the placement of industrial production centers. In these circumstances, the international container traffic is of great importance. Container traffic seems to be one of the most developing parts of business transportation . Much of the container falls on the international freight transportation . engine cargo of [19459005transportations] are organized between manufacturing companies and ports, between distribution centers and markets, between terminals and consignees. Often time the load type is decisive when choosing the transportation terms and transportation society. Container transportations are the most universal.

The containers are convenient because they can be carried by many types of transport and thereby facilitates multimodal transportations . It is easier to tranship containers than just cargo. In addition, the containers allow temporary storage of goods out of storage facilities and at the same time not in the open. Another advantage of containers is safe delivery of groupage.

Door to door transportation common cargo reduces terms of delivery and raises the security of cargo. Cargo transportation service price depends on several factors: the volume of freight, frequency of cargo sweats, transportation (motor transportation air transportation , rail transportation , shipping, intermodal or multimodal transportations – sometimes they are called mixed) and the type of cargo transportation , long distance or international local

to. first, it is necessary to decide how and in what cargo will be transported. For example moving and storage company Sem, Toronto movers in liquid food product transportation, such as wine, oil, vinegar, ethyl alcohol, liquid chocolate, molasses, beer, uses special tanks for food products, which have a well at the bottom and are marked in a special way. Before removal and storage of Sem cargo tanks, the Toronto movers prepare a necessary way. Namely, the inner surface of the tanks is treated with the products to be moved. Tanks and containers transportation food must correspond to the ISO standards. For transportation products “complex”, such as beer, special tank containers, having a device for maintaining the temperature and pressure in a dry environment, are used. For transportation liquid chocolate, fructose and other sorbites, it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature and transport products very quickly, otherwise they will they lose properties .

To transportation of chemicals, such as liquefied gas, ethyl fluid, yellow phosphorus, acids, special tanks are used. separate tanks are used for each type of product. On transportation of gas equipment for measurement of pressure (gauge) is installed. All

For free flowing products transportation special containers are under the control of Moving and storage of Sem, Toronto movers technical department. Mentioned above, which can be loaded in an ordinary manner or under pressure, are used.

There are containers transportation products which require special temperatures. These are containers-refrigerators, thermos containers, etc. Selecting the container of concrete type depends on type of product transported. Not so many companies have technical resources. Moving and storage of Sem, Toronto movers is one of those companies.

If you need to transport piece goods or cargo of the box, it is necessary to choose either universal container, or particularized container. particularized container can be charged not only by side doors, but otherwise too, and it has some distinctive features of design.

Now when we decided what kind of cargo the goods are to be transported, we will go to some elements that refer to transportation himself. First, we’ll gain an understanding of the “intermodal” terms and “multimodal” transportation

-. Intermodal transportation – Cargo transportation through one or more types of transport without reloading of the goods on the change of transportation

-. multimodal transportation – when the cargo transportation transportation change occurs. For example the first transportation is made by motor transport, and cargo is moved, for example, in aircraft for more transportation .

to choose the most optimal chain of “door-to-door” delivery, reliable transportation companies, such as moving and storage, Sem Toronto movers, have logistics department. The logistics professionals Moving Sem department movers Storage, Toronto will route, estimate delivery time and transportation costs, keep transportation progress online.

Professional transportation service employees of logistics companies, such as the move Shem and storage, moving Toronto, always follow the market transportation services in countries where the company has partners and know tariff policy of each country-partner.

My first time driving!!

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Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 5.20.01 PMShit!! I really remembered the first time I was driving on my own and my dad was super fricked out about it and even my mom was in the back seat laughing like crazy about my dad. It was one of the most funniest moment in my life. I will pay a million dollars just to live that part or moment in my life again, for real!

We would like to change the topic a little bit and tell all our young readers to not drive and text using their cellphone please!!!

In the video below, I would like to show some funny stuff on student learning how to drive and the crazy stuff that they do while they are doing their thing. I don’t know about you but I do really enjoy this type of video.

This video was a prank but it is supper funny. You’ll see what I mean once you watch it.

The guy on the passenger side it was shitting his pants for sure and he will never forget that day ever!!

Where can I learn how to drive?

This video will show you how to drive or at least it will show you the basics of how to drive around until you get the idea and then hire someone to show you how to drive. Driving it is the best feeling in life period! At least for me it is because you have the freedom to go to whatever you want and do whatever you want. It is super cool when you are driving and the day is beautiful and you really enjoy your day like no other day. At least for me, I love to pray when I’m driving and enjoying my day.
There is no other better feeling than when you are thanking God for a beautiful day and especially a sunny day.

Contact Us for any questions or if you prefer to read about something except my mother in law.

Cool Things about Cars

I was just looking around in the internet this week and I saw this video on Youtube and I wanted to share this with you and how cool the video really is. Please don’t forget to share your ideas with us.

Here is the video below:

As you can see in the video, this shows a few cars that we all dream of to have and enjoy. At least for me the best car in the video is the Lamborghini. That is my dream car!!! The car that I owned right now is a CAMRY!! LOL but I’m fricking proud of that car. First, because it was my first car ever and second because, over the last six year, I had no issues with it whatsoever!! The car is amazing and gorgeous with the 18 inch rims I bought for it.

Below you;ll see some other cool cars pictures:

images (2) images (1) images download

Some of them are just concept cars but, I wanted to show them on this article about cars. At the end of the day, that is why owing a blog is for. You could post whatever you want!! LOL

Now let me post some cool limousines and tow trucks:

images (4) images (3)

images (5) download (1)

Those are just a few that I found online and free pictures to share because I don’t want to get sued by anyone over a picture.

If you want me to write about something cool or whatever just let me know. I even write something funny about your mother in law if you don’t like her LOL. I love mine mother in law just in case. She is an amazing woman.

See ya!! Until the next article.

Best auto shows


I really like the way people build their cars from nothing to amazing!!

IT has to be a good feeling to do something like that. Me personally, I don’t like or let me write the truth! can’t afford to come up with something like that but, I do like to go to auto shows and enjoy the day with my family and friends. There is no better way to enjoy a sunny day then a car show in Washington.

A lot of my friends really like to do that and build crazy stuff with their cars and even their family cars. Around or near my house there is a guy who took his minivan (soccer man) and created something good.

I found this video on Youtube that shows what a car show and how it could be:

Auto Show

I don’t know but in that video, my favorites were the SUVs. I’m a really good fan of SUVs. I like the way they feel when you are driving and the way it makes you feel safe because if you take a hit with driving or as a passenger in one of them, it will protect you really good.

Please let me know what your favorite vehicle was on this video above and lets share ideas on what would you like to read or see in this blog later on. I like to write about things and add videos to my blog. Contact us with any questions. Maybe on my next post, I will write about Limousine and tow trucks.

Cool Airplanes and other stuff

cool airplanes

I really love to see and find out information about any mode of transportation and specially airplanes. I think is very cool to know how man started to look at the sky and find ways to conquer it. In my opinion, I think man started to look at birds and even started to study them to learn their behavior and was curious on how this animals owned the sky with no problem. It is like me when, I see a bird flying and enjoying the sky. It feels like total freedom and dominance. I feel the same way when, I’m riding my bike in the highway and the feeling of freedom and the air flowing thru your body it is an amazing feeling.

Going a few years back, I was deployed to Iraq and my opinion now about the feeling flying there and my thoughts about owing the sky are very, I don’t even know how to describe it. But, in my mind, I was on my way to war and thinking that, the USA was very powerful because, here we were flying to a country to fight our fight and flying around with no issues at all. That means in my mind that whoever owns the sky it could take over the world. Maybe you are reading this and the previous paragraph has nosthing to do with this one but, it is my blog and I can do that!! LOL

This blog is for me just to write about transportation and about things, I like to write about. It is a way to share things that, I like.

Here is a video I found on YT about airplanes:

I hope you like the video and it is about 11 minutes long but it is something that, I wanted to share on my blog w/ you.

If you have any other idea on what to write and if you have something to share don’t be shy to ask for it and contact me to post it here.

Electric Cars | Tesla WOW!

Electric Car

Now lets share something else about mode of transportation and how can those could benefit our society. The next one will be electric cars. Thanks to electric cars now we are able to move around without needing gas. This could save tons and tons of money to single family who are struggling with the economy right now and barely able to move in even a used car.

In the internet you could find a lot of information about electric cars and all the new ideas coming out. I wanted to point out an article that, I saw online and I wanted to share with you reading this article. The article was made by ABC news and it shows some ideas of some companies in the US trying to conquer this type of industry in which is growing rapidly not only in America but around the world. Here is the link

After reading that short and straight to the point article about electric cars written by ABC news, I jumped online and look on YouTube videos about the fastest electric cars in America. Now lets just take a look at that cool video below but in the video below, I”m going to show you my favorite one so far and it is the Tesla. This company is creating cool cars and now they are even creating cool batteries for your home charged by the solar system.

But here is the video:

Ain’t that cool? I can’t wait until 2017 in which they are coming with a cheaper version of the models in the video and very affordable for the average consumer. I wish they could come up with electric trucks.


The picture above is my favorite Tesla. So far the price is way too high but, it will go down next year (keep fingers crossed).

On my next article, I’m going to cover about some cool airplanes!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you prefer something in specific for me to write about. I really don’t care about grammar and non of that stuff, I just want to write about whatever and get feedback from people.

Welcome to our website!!

Welcome to my website!! We will cover a lot of information about Transportation and some of the different ways to get around in the world today.

Many people prefer to use vehicles to move around their state or cross country. At least for me, I prefer to move around using my RV. I just love the feeling of moving around with my RV and with my family. There is no doubt that moving in an RV it feels like moving around with your own home.


But besides the cars and the RVs, I just love to watch the trains. Thanks to this amazing creation, America is what it is today. Thanks to trains the US started moving more and more products around the US faster and that helped with the economy.

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