The $99 A Month Car Dealer Scam

A lot of people get confused or excited when they see a car dealer advertise a $99 a month payment. Sometimes the dollar amount changes, dealers will use a $47 a month payment or some other low number. I’m going to explain why car ads that use these tricks are usually offering you a bad deal. In fact, I tell people that if a car dealer advertises in this manner they should avoid doing business with them. The reason car dealers use this advertising method is because so many people are fixated on what their monthly payment ends up being and they never understand how that number was generated.

You must understand how a car dealer arrives at your monthly payment to determine whether your $385 monthly payment is a good price or a bad price. Many people don’t understand that two people can have the same $385 payment for the exact same car and one person got a good deal, the other a bad deal! So when someone asks me to evaluate their car-buying skills by throwing out a low monthly payment I simply nod in approval just to be polite. Of course I do not know if they got a good deal or a bad deal and they usually don’t know either!

So let’s look at all the elements that make up a car buyer’s monthly payment so you can make intelligent decisions. Your monthly payment is a combination of the following: an interest payment for your loan, a fraction of your actual loan (if your loan is 48 months you pay 1/48 of the loan each month) along with any other fees or taxes you might have rolled into the deal. These are the separate elements that make up your monthly payment. So you must have negotiated a good purchase price for your car or your monthly payments will never be a good deal. This is true whether you are buying or leasing your next car. No figure has a bigger impact on your car deal than the car’s purchase price – common sense when you think about it.

Now you must take the vehicle’s purchase price and subtract any down payment or trade-in allowance. So if you are buying a $25,000 car and you put $5,000 down or give the dealer a trade-in worth $5,000 your financing figure becomes $20,000. Now we take that $20,000 and add any additional fees you might have rolled into the deal to create the final amount of money you will be financing.

When you go to financing you need to determine how much interest you are paying on the money you are financing, in our example let’s use $20,000. The length of your loan determines the number of monthly payments you will make. A common rule of thumb is the longer the loan and the large amount of money you finance, the higher your finance rate will be. So do not be afraid to ask if your financing gets better if you shorten your loan term.

For instance, let’s say two people are financing the exact same car for the exact same amount of money, $20,000. One person got a rate of 7.9% financing for 60 months. This person will have a monthly car payment of $404.57. The other person got a rate of 4.9% for 48 months. This second person’s monthly payment will be $459.68. Now remember, they both are financing the exact same amount of money, so who has a better deal? Many people instinctively would say the lower monthly payment is a better deal, I disagree. You see, the first person is paying $404.57 per month for 60 months for a total of $24,274.20. The second person is paying $459.68 for 48 months for a total of $22,064.64. The person with the higher monthly payment ends up paying $2,209.56 less for the exact same car!

Now that you understand the process you can see that anyone could buy a new Rolls Royce and have a $99 a month car payment. To accomplish this all you need to do is put about $125,000 down! Car dealers advertise $99 a month payments because they know that any potential customer who walks in the door off that ad is fixated on their monthly payment. This allows the dealer to jack up the financing rate, spread the payments out (some dealers now push 72 month loans). By hiking your rate several points and stretching the payments out an extra year or two the car dealer and the bank will make additional thousands of dollars on every customer! Don’t let this happen to you! Buy smart, don’t be fooled into judging a car deal by the monthly payment, it’s the easiest way to get scammed by a car dealer!

The Best Housing Option For Professionals Who Commute

Commuting has become a part of the professional life of many and those who have been commuting to and from work for years now know that the perfect commuting lifestyle is simply inexpensive, reliable and easy. This means living in a location where public transportation is available and efficient, that does not necessarily have to deal with bustling traffic each day. Living in the city near offices is usually stressful, expensive and often housing is unavailable. This is why many professionals who commute to Los Angeles and Ventura opt to invest in homes in bedroom or commuter communities that offer quiet, stress-free, comfortable and convenient living environments.

Escape The Hustle And Bustle Of The City

City life can be stressful and as a professional you have to deal with it each day, but having to deal with it every night, during the weekends and even during holidays can be very difficult. The only solution to such a problem is to live in a community that offers easy access to your office, but conveniently located at a certain distance to escape the typical hustle and bustle of the city. Choosing such a community offers you a cleaner and healthier environment with all the convenient amenities you can also enjoy in the city and more.

Cost Of Living

Money is not easy to get by and investing your hard-earned money wisely is very important as a professional. Leasing or buying a home in the city near offices and recreational facilities is very costly because of the location, but you can actually find a reasonable place to live in that ensures you get your money’s worth. You can find suitable housing that meets your taste and budget, such as condos, typical homes and estates, while being able to enjoy the various amenities in bedroom communities. You can take advantage of healthcare facilities, parks, trails, swimming pools and even golf courses, without having to splurge just like how you would have to spend a fortune in the city to enjoy such facilities.

Convenience And Comfort

Commuters have busy lifestyles and this means convenience and comfort are a necessity. With no time to waste, everything must be accessible and available. This involves banks, restaurants, convenient stores, pharmacies, clinics, retail centers and other business facilities. Living in a community designed for the comfort and convenience of professionals who commute each day, you will not have much trouble sticking to your schedule or worry about not being able to have access to facilities that can cater your needs before and after work.

What Horses Do Today – The Many Roles Horses Perform in Modern Society

What do horses do for a living? I love these great animals and they are my pets and companions today. For years we participated in amateur competitions and did some trail riding. One hundred years ago, these common domestic beasts were still used as means of transportation and their lives consisted of a lot of work. Rarely were they only pets.

I decided to look up current statistics to understand how modern horses spend their lives and how people relate to them now. Since I live in the United States my estimates are from the U.S. (I looked at data supplied by The Equestrian Channel, American Horse Publications, and the American Horse Council.)


Today there are more than 9.2 million horses in the U.S. About 3.9 million of them are used for recreational purposes. This includes those that belong to people who simply like having them, ride non-competitively, and trail ride for fun.


About 2.7 million are show horses. Showing includes any of the non-racing riding disciplines. Western riding takes a number of forms: barrel racing, reining, roping, cutting, and pleasure. English riding is done in dressage, hunters and jumpers, fox hunting, saddle seat, and eventing (combined training). There are also endurance riding and polo. We’ve been emphasizing riding, but driving horses continues to be an active form of horsemanship too.

Since few horses earn their way by winning money at shows, I’d say that these 6.6 million recreational and show animals could be considered to be non-earners of money. They earn their keep by the enjoyment they provide to their owners.


Just under a million (over 840,000) are race horses. Since racing is intended to make money for owners, I would say that these could be called money earners. They make money in the form of gambling proceeds, increase in their prices when sold, and enhanced value for breeding fees.

Traditional Work

Over 1.75 million other horses perform a variety of activities. They work on farms and ranches, in forests, and in cities. Farm and ranch work includes working cattle, ploughing, hauling, pulling equipment, carrying packs, and rodeo. City work includes pulling carts and carriages, and police work. They provide income to their owners by carrying out the work of the jobs that need to be done.

From these estimates, it looks like working breeds comprise almost 20% of horses in the U.S. at this time. I would have guessed a much smaller percentage still had day jobs in our modern motorized society. I was surprised to find out that true working types, in the traditional sense, continue to be needed in fair numbers.

Air Pollution

Air pollution is the emission of substances in the atmosphere that interferes with the amenities of live. Air pollution could also be defined as any process that alters the standard component of the atmosphere by quantity or quality.

Air pollutants may be classified as follows

* Aerosol is a term used to describe dusts of small particle size, smoke and some mists whose presence can be really revealed by its scattering of visible radiation. Aerosols cover a wide range of gaseous disperse systems consisting of particles of low vapor pressure which settle slowly under gravity.

* Smokes are formed by combustion, destructive distillation or volatilization

* Dusts are solid particles dispersed into the atmosphere as a result of mechanical disintegration of a body of matter.

* Mist consists of droplet as a result of condensation of vapor in the air. When there are many particles in the droplet, it is called fog. When there is droplet with particle and dust at the same time it is called haze and if there is fog as well as poisonous gases, it is referred as smog.

* Acid rain, this occurs when the rain water pH falls below 5. It is usually as a result of presence of CO2 in the rainwater. Gaseous emission is a very important aspect of air pollution especially the green house gases (CO2, CFC, and NO2) that it emits in the atmosphere.

The effect of air pollution could be categorized as follows.

Earth warm and climate change; this is as a result of green house gases in the atmosphere. When the solar radiation strikes the earth surface, some of these gases trap the heat of the sun and thereby giving rise in the increase of temperature of the environment. The effect of this rise in temperature is shifts in temperature and rainfall. Sea level will rise as a result of thermal expansion of the ocean. Some area will be subjected to drought. Another effect of these gases is the depletion of the ozone layer.

Air pollution affects the health of the body ranging from eye irritation to lung diseases.

Acid rain is one of the very dangerous effects of air pollution. Its environmental effects range from acidification of lakes and streams resulting in reduction of fish population. It could also lead to the damage of vegetation, structure and equipment.

The cause of air pollution are as follows; domestic and industrial activities, Transportation sector and thermal power stations.

Air pollution control achievement depends on a well knowledge of the source of the pollution.

Pollution in the transportation sector can be curbed by

*taxation aimed at penalizing inefficiency in fuel consumption.

* Developing more efficient fuel combustion systems.

* Installation of systems to monitor the exhaust of automobile.

* encouraging mass transit

Pollution by industries should be controlled as follows

*Polluting industries may be regulated to emit pollutant only on a favorable wind movement and direction.

*Erection of tall stacks which usually also have high velocities in them so that the pollutants are sent in the high part of the atmosphere, where they will be diluted and made harmless.

*Use of fossil fuel should be reduced and resorting to much more environmental friendly source of energy should be encouraged.

*Industries should use scrubber to trap most of the pollutant that they emit.

Developing countries should endeavor to have consistent power supply so as to discourage the use of domestic generators. However, the flexible strategy of controlling air pollution remains the use of taxes and price mechanism

5 Reasons to Schedule DFW On Site Drug Testing

Scheduling DFW on site drug testing may seem like a lot of work to go through. However, it has a variety of benefits. Knowing why you should schedule this will make it easier for you to spend the money and enjoy the convenience.

Not Everyone has Reliable Transportation

You want to make sure you eliminate as many excuses as possible as to why someone couldn’t conduct their test on time. Unfortunately, not everyone has reliable transportation and therefore it may be too much for you to ask for people to go to a lab. The moment you ask people to do things on their own time, you will start to see diminished participation.

The better solution is to offer on-site drug testing where people are already on premises. You can simply send them in to be drug tested when they have been randomly selected.

Ensure Full Compliance

You need to be sure you are in full compliance with all rules and regulations. Particularly with the DOT, on-site drug testing is preferred simply because it rules out various issues. You can have an MRO conducting the tests and maintaining full confidentiality with the records. It also means that the tests pass through fewer hands, which makes it easier for you to track the tests throughout the entire process.

Eliminate Tampering

You know who your employees are, and therefore you don’t have to worry about any kind of tampering. If they are on your premises, you know that they are where they are supposed to be. If you don’t offer on-site testing, you can never be too sure whether it’s your employees going in for the drug test or if they have someone else do it for them. Additionally, you don’t know how legitimate the drug testing site may be – and you need to eliminate any potential tampering issues.

Appear More Professional

You are going to appear more professional when your drug testing is on-site. It keeps your employees happier because they don’t have to go anywhere besides your facility. They also don’t have to do anything on their own personal time.

When the drug testing is conducted on-site, you also get to stay more organized in terms of the results and all of the employee records.

Faster Results

On-site testing is also known to be much faster than if you were to use a third-party lab. Faster results are of the utmost importance because you don’t want to keep your candidates waiting nor do you want to run the risk of employees being out on the roads when they have tested positive for drug use.

There are plenty of reasons why you should be scheduling DFW on-site drug testing. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than you make it out to be. You will be able to save time, money, and be more professional when you have the tests conducted on-site. Additionally, you stay compliant and get faster results.

How Does Overnight Shipping Work?

Overnight shipping, also called expedited shipping, is a shipment service that guarantees delivery of a package to a destination location. Sometimes this may involve a combination of transportation, such as ground and air.

This service is usually a bit more than normal mail delivery so most people use it to send urgent packages.

Now most of these urgent packages are categorized under lightweight or heavy weight and depending on the nature of the shipment, will be sent via freight or air. Overnight air can also be delivered internationally, but most mail carrier agencies only guarantee next day delivery in the continental US.

Overnight Shipping and Time Sensitivity

There are many reasons why a package may need to be delivered the very next day. A hospital or surgeon could be awaiting medical supplies or important items that can mean life of death fro hundred of people. Businesses may also rise or fall based on a critical shipment that has to be there on time or else.

This is why overnight shipping is such an important aspect of commerce in the modern world, but can this type of courier really get items to the right area when it counts?

Really there the next day

Can parcels that are shipped overnight arrive to its destination the very next day? It can, but it will really depend on the carrier company you use. To ensure that the company you choose has the capabilities necessary to get your package where it is needed, ask about their shipment guarantees.

You should also be aware that the time of drop off may greatly affect whether or not your item will get to the place it needs to be. If it is imperative that your package get t its location the following day try to arrive at the carrier agency by start of business, no later than 10 am, in fact, the earlier the better.

Benefits of overnight shipping and next day air services

There is a multiplicity of reasons why the use of overnight shipping is beneficial to those who want to get urgent packages into the right hands consistently.

– You can often have your packages insured for the full value if something happens to it for less than the usual price.

– The carrier service will utilize several different modes of transportation to makes sure you get the best courier service available.

– You can track your packages online in real time online or via telephone via the use of tracking number.

– With the right company, you can get your service customized, especially if there are special requirements and stipulations on the delivery, like leaving it on the door or only letting the recipient sign for and receive the parcel.

– The ability to set up accounts for multiple shipments where you can receive discounts.

A reputable courier delivery services company will also be available for questions regarding your overnight shipment 24 hours a day seven days a week and can be reached via telephone or online.

Current shipping technology

Courier agencies that want to be on the cutting edge utilize software and computer technology that helps them route packages for maximum efficiency. This will enable the company to get products to business and institutions quicker than in the past, almost guaranteeing next day service. If you want to be sure your overnight package will get to where it is most needed, then go with a leader in the packaging and shipment industry.

This may require a bit of research on your part but it will be well worth it, as you will always know when and where to go to get your urgent items to the proper location, safely and effectively ever single time.

Thoughts on The Flow of Transportation

A main component of a healthy human civilization is the flow of its transportation. The transportation of people, products and services throughout the society to serve mankind is an essential part of any Nation or State. The Flow of Transportation has been discussed in committees, focus groups, association meetings, Think Tanks, Government Agencies and even at the kitchen table for years. It is one of the major issues important to any civilization. During my travels across the country nearly 500,000 miles visiting every city in the United States and Canada over 10,000 population and observing the traffic flows; often stuck in them for hours in major cities and listening to people and citizens in the suburbs and rural areas about the challenges of bus services. I began to look at the flow of transportation with a much more keen eye. I started to see the good, the bad and the ugly.

Realize that all of us use some form of transportation to get around, even if it is people power like Lance Armstrong, well maybe not as fast but some of us still peddle to the store, to work or around town. It wasn’t so long ago that a fast and reliable horse was a must. Now then my mission today is to open this discussion by describing my observations and knowledge of transportation and to get you to think about your observations while traveling around. As you drive around town today or tomorrow, think about this topic and how vitally critical it is to our civilization.

As on observes our current set of transportation systems and how they interact and get us from A to B, we will see that it greatly effects our daily lives. Obviously my observations about the flows of transportation will be different than yours and yours different than that of relatives and neighbors; different perspectives of the same set of interacting transportation systems. You may even have some great ideas to help us fix and modify the flow of transportation to help the most amount of people that it serves. Maybe you can find the key to make it better, the missing component if you will to improve the efficiency of transportation and thus bettering the flows of civilization and increasing our quality of life and standard of living.

Out transportation system is an integral part of how we live and work. It is a modern marvel indeed. For every minor increase in its efficiency there is an exponential increase in our lives. Teach your kids to be observant of the flows of transportation and understand its value. The flow of transportation has helped our nation become all we are today and we must maintain our systems if our civilization is to run properly.

Transportation Available From Burbank Airport

Getting around in Burbank Airport is not as frustrating as getting around in LAX. There are lesser crowds, which mean the lines are shorter, and you can accomplish everything in minutes. Getting to Los Angeles is also quite easy, due to the airport’s location and the many transportation services. Downtown Los Angeles is only about 14 miles from Burbank Airport, and you can reach it in less than 30 minutes. Travel time can also depend on what type of transportation you have chosen, the time of day, and traffic conditions.

Taxi Cab

The easiest way to get to Los Angeles is of course, through a taxi cab. Taxi cabs are lined up in front of the passenger terminal at your disposal. The total cost of the taxi fare may come in between $40-$50. If there’s traffic, it would cost you more, but usually the flat rate to Los Angeles is $42. Additional cost would be airport surcharge and of course, the customary tip. You can check rates before the trip by checking websites such as World Taxi Meter to give you an idea.

Public Transportation

For the willing commuters, public transportation is also quite easy and manageable. The trains have direct connection and service at the Burbank Airport. There are two rail systems that stop directly at the airport – Amtrak and Metrolink. There is also a Burbank Bus, which comes free with a Metro pass. However, this bus does not run as frequently as the train system. All in all, the public transportation system in Los Angeles is pretty decent.

Limo or Town Car Service

Flashy cars and long luxurious stretch limousines are a common sight in Los Angeles. A limo service in Burbank can definitely alter the entire travel experience from Burbank Airport to Los Angeles. A town car or a limousine service is without a doubt, the most convenient mode of transportation. The only thing that sets it apart is the price. However, with careful research, you can find good deals on trips from Burbank Airport. This would be most especially helpful, if you are frequently travelling, and don’t want to be hassled by parking spaces and traffic.

The location of Burbank Airport makes it easy for frequent fliers to travel to and from Los Angeles. Whichever transportation you choose, make sure you are comfortable and you should always prioritize your safety.

Medical Transportation Business Names

When it comes to starting a non-emergency medical transportation business it is important that you choose a suitable name. Many entrepreneurs overlook the importance that a name can play in the development of a brand. The right name can help you to make a great first impression on people in your market and it can help you to build long term relationships and reputation.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving this important decision to the last minute like other business owners do. Put some thought into coming up with a great name that will serve your ambulette business well as you develop and grow over the years.

Here are a list of points that you may consider as you go about the process of naming your non-emergency medical transportation business (NEMT business).

Relevance and Professionalism

A great name should be relevant to what your business does. Rather than having something obscure that leaves people guessing, you may as well use the words ‘medical’ and ‘transportation’ in the title. This will immediately communicate to people exactly what it is that you do.

You could even use other words that further define your services. It can be a good idea to avoid getting too specific though as you may change your business model further down the line and cater to a different section of the market.

The qualities that people will look for in a medical transportation business are of course professionalism and reliability. Your name should instill confidence in people and let them know that you are indeed a reliable operation that is committed to running a safe and reliable ambulette service. For this reason, many small business owners use their own surname or first name as a part of their business name.

Be Unique, Original and Memorable

While the word ‘transportation’ will hardly be unique in the industry you can combine it with other words to create something new and original that will stand out. Take a look at what other local non-emergency medical transportation companies have done with their names and make sure that your name clearly distinguishes your business from theirs.

A great name should be memorable. As well as giving people a good first impression it should be easy enough, and catchy enough so that it stands out in their minds over the long term. Create a list of names and then run them by some of your friends and colleagues to find out which ones have a positive impact on them. Ask them about the names again several days later and see which ones they are able to remember.

Legal Considerations

There are also important legal considerations to think about when it comes to choosing a name. You absolutely must ensure that the name that you select is not already in use by another business in the same industry. Run a names search through the database at your county clerks office and do a thorough check online to make sure that your selection will not cause you to encounter legal issues further down the road.

Practical and Functional

Good choices for names will typically be short and practical. A short name is easier to remember and more practical when it comes to using it on business cards or using it to answer the phone. Don’t mess around with words that are difficult to spell or pronounce.

You may also consider a name that works well as an acronym. For example, ‘Sacramento Transportation Services’ could be called STS for short.

Remember that you will want to get a website set up at some point. Before you finalize your choice and register a name for your business you should also snap up any relevant domain names.

Brainstorming for Ideas

To help you come up with some name ideas put a big list of relevant words together. These words could be related to your location, your industry, your market or the services that you offer. You could also come up with words related to reliability and friendliness that describe your service. Emotional sounding words can also have a strong impact.

As well as your own thoughts you can also ask other people for their opinions. Look over some of the names that other medical transportation businesses around the world are using for ideas. Names in use by businesses in the transportation and medical industries may also provide some inspiration.

Some entrepreneurs even hire branding or marketing consultants to help them come up with the right name and brand image before they go into business. It could be a good idea to seek professional help if you really feel that you are not up to this important task.

A Name to Be Proud Of

Perhaps most importantly, the owner of the business has to love its name. You ideally need a name that you can feel proud to be associated with. The right choice should inspire you, help you to focus on developing the business and make you want to work hard to grow your brand name.

Once you have started your business it is not easy to backtrack and make changes to your name. if you do so then you will come up against many expenses relating to alterations to paperwork and printed promotional materials. Changing your business name is one of the best ways to confuse and isolate your customers unless the process is carefully managed.

For the above reasons it is essential that you ensure that you have a great name for your non-emergency medical transportation business right from the start. Give this important decision the time and attention that is deserves.

Learning About Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and logistics are very common in almost all industries. Transportation is known as the movement of products and materials. Meanwhile, logistics can involve transport and movement of products and materials, as well as their packaging and storage. In order to help you to be more knowledgeable in this field, at this time this article is going to give you the information about transportation and logistics.

Firstly, it is going to give you the definition of transportation and logistics. Basically, transportation involves the movement of raw materials and goods. The process includes the shipment of raw materials to manufacturer, and also the movement of finished products to the customers. Transportation also can include the movement of parts to the assembly area where the parts are assembled.

On the other hand, logistics includes the management of warehousing of materials, freight, and the production and inventory management. Actually, logistics also consists of the packaging of the products for shipment and storage. Additionally, the external and internal distribution networks are also involved in logistics.

Secondly, it will be explained about minimizing the costs of transportation and logistics. If you want to minimize the costs of transportation, one of the best things to do is to eliminate unnecessary transportation. This can be done by finding the closer suppliers. The other ways for reducing the transportation costs by buying the assembled products partially from the vendors, consolidating shipments, and also reducing the number of trips that required to ship in raw materials.

Moreover, if you want to minimize the costs of logistics, there are several things that you can do. By ordering parts in packaging which can be stocked and sent in the warehouse, you will be able to reduce the costs for logistics. In this case, you can eliminate the wasteful process of unpacking, receiving, and labeling product.