Cargo Transportation Services

Cargo transportation services offer the shipment of goods from the source to the delivery destination through various means of transportation. Cargo shipment may involve trucking, railways, air deliveries or waterway transportation systems to deliver the freight in a safe and secure condition, within the stipulated time.

Cargo Transportation Services: Modes of Transport

While making their shipping decision, companies have to decide the best mode of transportation for their goods. Factors that influence this decision are price, dimensions of the goods, stipulated time of delivery, distance from the destination and the risks involved. The popular modes of transportation and their specific characteristics pertaining to logistics are:

  • Road: For small distance shipments, most logistical companies prefer trucking services. It is fairly inexpensive and hassle free. Goods to be delivered are loaded in the truck containers and sent to the destination through the road.
  • Rail: Every since its inception, the railways have been utilized to deliver long-distance shipments in considerably lesser time. Detachable containers are loaded with goods and placed over special wheeled structures to ensure safe and secure transport.
  • Ship: Ships are a popular means of transporting international deliveries with no time constrains. It is a safe medium to transport raw materials, heavy equipments and large machinery.
  • Aeroplane: Of late, air cargo transportation have revolutionized the working of the logistics industry. Although air cargo costs more, it enables logistics providers to make international shipments and deliveries within a matter of hours. The world leaders in logistics have their own fleet of airplanes to enable quick cargo delivery.

Responsibilities of Cargo Transportation Services Providers

The basic responsibilities of transportation providers are:

  • Arrangement for goods transportation, which include booking spaces and hiring vehicles
  • Ensuring safe transportation of goods from sourcing till delivery
  • Preventing damage to goods while loading or unloading
  • Procuring documents, licenses or permissions required for the shipment

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