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stylish and elegant wedding transportation

Although the arrival of a bride and groom at the wedding in a beautiful long white limo is a very elegant choice, we can give you more ideas how to have a wedding swank transportation .

therefore, you want to come to your wedding with style. This is an ideal opportunity for you and your lifestyle express. Many companies working in the field of wedding organizations and they can provide you the best services you need.

If you want an original transportation, we have several ideas for you. Since it is not a costume for the bride and groom meet for their wedding, you can come by car. However, when the wedding party is over, you need to give your guests something they will always be happy to remember.

Now is a good time to be creative. If you do not have your wedding in some urban centers, very classy and elegant solution for your wedding transportation is a wagon pulled by horses. This way you will make your wedding feel like a Cinderella story and provide some memorable moments for your family. Also, your wife can put in the horse- drawn vehicle several things you will need for your first wedding night.

If two of you are adventurous people, you can use a motorcycle to escape your sweet wedding. Harley Davidson is an excellent choice for those who are brave enough, but if you are not a Vespa will. If you and your sweetheart are a nature lover couple, riding from your wedding on a horse or on a bike for two will be a real surprise for the guests.

If you prefer exotic locations, wedding in Venice or on a boat can be very chic and elegant. In Venice, after a wedding ceremony and a cocktail in an Italian restaurant, you can have your sweet escape gondola across Venetian canal.

Yet white limo is a very popular choice. However, if you want to be different, choose the limousine in another color, such as black. Black is still very modern and stylish choice. If you think the limo is too usual option, try a sports car. cut Lexus, Saab convertibles, etc. are very fashionable and fancy options.

Tips for marriage transportation , trends and costs

Marriage transportation is something important when you are organizing your wedding. All couples want their wedding to be perfect, so while your bride to be is a matter of finding the ideal dress and choosing invitations, you start thinking about transportation .

When you pick up the wedding transportation , choose something that can reflect your style and personality. Ask friends who have been married for recommendations or you can ask a reception hall manager to give you the phone numbers of local limousine companies.

The call companies and see what they can offer you. Then compare prices and offers. standard cost per hour is between $ 50 and $ 150 and a tip for a driver is about 15 to 20 percent. Now, some limo companies offer a wedding package to make your arrival elegant and fancy.

They can provide you a movie star treatment, including the timing of red carpet where the driver drives a limousine on a red carpet. Wedding package also includes a champagne toast and takes about 3 hours. If you want a classy wedding transportation , you must book the car at least six months before the wedding day.

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