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cool airplanes

I really love to see and find out information about any mode of transportation and specially airplanes. I think is very cool to know how man started to look at the sky and find ways to conquer it. In my opinion, I think man started to look at birds and even started to study them to learn their behavior and was curious on how this animals owned the sky with no problem. It is like me when, I see a bird flying and enjoying the sky. It feels like total freedom and dominance. I feel the same way when, I’m riding my bike in the highway and the feeling of freedom and the air flowing thru your body it is an amazing feeling.

Going a few years back, I was deployed to Iraq and my opinion now about the feeling flying there and my thoughts about owing the sky are very, I don’t even know how to describe it. But, in my mind, I was on my way to war and thinking that, the USA was very powerful because, here we were flying to a country to fight our fight and flying around with no issues at all. That means in my mind that whoever owns the sky it could take over the world. Maybe you are reading this and the previous paragraph has nosthing to do with this one but, it is my blog and I can do that!! LOL

This blog is for me just to write about transportation and about things, I like to write about. It is a way to share things that, I like.

Here is a video I found on YT about airplanes:

I hope you like the video and it is about 11 minutes long but it is something that, I wanted to share on my blog w/ you.

If you have any other idea on what to write and if you have something to share don’t be shy to ask for it and contact me to post it here.

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