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Electric Car

Electric Car

Now lets share something else about mode of transportation and how can those could benefit our society. The next one will be electric cars. Thanks to electric cars now we are able to move around without needing gas. This could save tons and tons of money to single family who are struggling with the economy right now and barely able to move in even a used car.

In the internet you could find a lot of information about electric cars and all the new ideas coming out. I wanted to point out an article that, I saw online and I wanted to share with you reading this article. The article was made by ABC news and it shows some ideas of some companies in the US trying to conquer this type of industry in which is growing rapidly not only in America but around the world. Here is the link

After reading that short and straight to the point article about electric cars written by ABC news, I jumped online and look on YouTube videos about the fastest electric cars in America. Now lets just take a look at that cool video below but in the video below, I”m going to show you my favorite one so far and it is the Tesla. This company is creating cool cars and now they are even creating cool batteries for your home charged by the solar system.

But here is the video:

Ain’t that cool? I can’t wait until 2017 in which they are coming with a cheaper version of the models in the video and very affordable for the average consumer. I wish they could come up with electric trucks.


The picture above is my favorite Tesla. So far the price is way too high but, it will go down next year (keep fingers crossed).

On my next article, I’m going to cover about some cool airplanes!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you prefer something in specific for me to write about. I really don’t care about grammar and non of that stuff, I just want to write about whatever and get feedback from people.

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